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Property Owners


Our purpose is to be useful to our clients by providing quality management services that will
add value to their properties and accomplish their investment goals and objectives.

The major components of our management plan include:

♦ Allocating resources to facilitate and successfully implement the management plan.

♦ Establishing record keeping systems to maintain documents and records.

♦ Performing routine and preventative maintenance measures.

♦ Developing a comprehensive understanding of the owner’s goals, objectives, time frames, financial
constraints and requirements.

♦ Providing timely and effective response to property needs and owner requirements.

Our team of dedicated management, leasing and maintenance professionals has built a
reputation on delivering outstanding results.

The leasing process includes applicant screening and credit checks to ensure quality tenants. Our staff sits down with each tenant individually before they sign the lease contract to highlight what is expected.

Our staff is available 24/7 for maintenance emergencies.  
Rents and security deposits are collected on your behalf, protecting investors interest.